Santa Fe:

- San Lorenzo - Puerto General San Martín

- Rosario

San Lorenzo - Puerto General San Martin

Series of port facilities on the western shore of the lower course of the Paraná River.

The complex receives traffic coming from the Atlantic Ocean throught the Río de la Plata.

Puerto General San Martín is located at 32º43'S 60º44'W, about 35 km upstream from the port of Rosario, is the last deepwater port on the Paraná, and is capable of hosting ships up to Panamax size. The depth of the river is kept at 34 feet by dredging.

San Lorenzo-Puerto General San Martín form a major commercial terminal for agricultural exports. Traffic at the complex accounts 50% of the Argentine exports of soybean products.

Buenos Aires:

- San Nicolás de los Arroyos

- Zárate

- Campana

FAROSHIP S.R.L. has offices in Rosario and San Lorenzo to guarantee the best service in those ports.


Is an inland port and major goods-shipping center of Argentina, located on the right-hand (western) shore of the Paraná River, about 550 km upstream from the Atlantic Ocean.

At this point of the course of the Paraná (Kilometer 420) lies the depth transition between overseas and river navigation. The main channel of the river directly in front of the port has an advantageous configuration that allows to preserve a depth of 34 feet with minor periodic dredging. This allows for downstream navigation vessels up to Panamax kind.

The Paraná is about 600 m wide at Kilometer 418 and becomes 2000 m wide downstream.



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